Big benefits with your own business

Our resellers program offers you our unique technology to sell it…

Who might be interested?
 Companies that especialized in the security sector, survelliance, monitoring that aim to sell our products under their own terms and with good profit margin

 Technicians who especialized in security equipment installments, who are looking to improve their income and provide their customers competitive price and quality equipmen
 Stores: electronics, security equipment, technological solutions, etc.
 Anyone who is interested in selling our products, either personally, in physical stores, or on the internet.
In our resell program you can increase your profits and provide additional profitable income …
As a reseller of CEO you can access our exclusive technology with personalized attention directly connected with our purchasing department so you can give immediate and effective responses to your customers.
You can resell CEO in your own store, in your own web, through your own company.
Your Benefits
• Manage all aspects of marketing and advertising you want to create competitive differentiation
• Maintain total control of your relationships with customers
• Protect and control your profit margins – set your own price according to your market
• Concentrate on your business knowing that you have full support from us to fulfill your inventory needs
• Control costs by dedicating exclusively to the sale and / or installation
• You will have a great competitive advantage thanks to our exclusive prices as manufacturers

It is a simple and practical way to earn extra moneyJ

How ??

• For our part we will facilitate:
o Material on the identity of the company
o Description of products that we have, with the necessary information at technical level
o Manufacturer prices, so that later you decide how much you will earn
o Format for business cards

For your part:
o Customer acquisition
o Sales strategies that you consider
Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form and you can be ready and operating as soon as possible ….