About Us

Watch, control and protect what you most want, at all times, 24/7 throughout the year !!!

We’re a manufacturing company specialized in outdoor and indoor cameras, recorders, switches, and related products; with detailed specifications and international standards; which guarantees a high performance and an exceptional durability that can be only offer by us, enabling a security system adjusted to your needs.

All our equipment has the highest quality and the most modern technologies, the electronic components are designed for an easy installation, simple operation and highly functional, the indoor and outdoor cameras has a design that make them able to last for a long in time under extreme conditions.

With our IP cameras and recording equipment you can monitor in real time, review recordings, take photos, videos, etc from your Smartphone, Tablet, or any other device that meets the requirements, and all you need is an internet connection; also we have the most advanced technologies that allow to perceive even the smallest detail or movement.

We know the importance of security today, so we are aware that people need to protect their family and material assets from theft, emergencies or accidents. With us you will find a great variety of products: IP Security Cameras, Analog, Hybrid, Wireless, Video Recorders as 4K, DVR, NVR, HVR, among others.